Why Plumbing and HVAC Contractors Need Google My Business


Local services often find it challenging to market their services due to budget limitations and time constraints. For this reason, many contractors neglect the importance of digital marketing and advertising, as they usually rely on referrals.

This sort of strategy isn’t that helpful, especially for on-demand services that yield low returning clients like plumbing and HVAC. Thus, if you’re in this industry, you have to be more strategic in your approach if you want to invite prospects to use your services.

But now, thanks to Google, it has become a lot easier for local services and contractors to promote what they have to offer in their service area through Google My Business (GMB). And if you’re curious just how beneficial it is to create a GMB profile for your service, here’s a list of advantages you’ll get to enjoy on this platform.

1. Makes You Visible to Potential Customers

When residential and commercial property owners encounter a crisis, they often turn to search engines like Google to find a quick solution to their problem. With that said, listing your service under GMB makes it easier for these online users to find you. Since Google always displays services related to the inquiry on the first page of results, you get the privilege of landing a good spot in the SERP without having to splurge on marketing strategies.

2. Displays Your Information to Prospects

As a contractor, it is your responsibility to think of ways to gain consumer trust. Most of the time, customers often ignore services due to a lack of credible information about them. Thus, it pays to be a little more transparent in the information you give to your target market. Aside from contact information, GMB allows you to display customer reviews that increase your trustworthiness and reliability as a service provider.

3. Enables You to Collect Vital Information

Aside from increasing your online presence and visibility to make it effortless for prospects to find you, GMB also provides helpful insight that can help you improve and strengthen your marketing initiatives. Through this platform, you can easily monitor and assess metrics that involve how people search for your service and where the demand for your expertise is needed more. In this way, you can promote your business to people and vicinities that require your services, resulting in more profit.

4. Increases Your Credibility as a Contractor

In digital marketing, it is often one of the main objectives of companies and businesses to hold a position on the first page of SERP, as it gives brands an aura of authority and credibility. And as mentioned earlier, you are given this privilege using GMB. Even more, GMB offers online users a reason to trust your service. Despite being a platform open to all businesses and contractors, GMB does have requirements that you have to meet to be included in listings. Thus, it gives customers peace of mind that they’ll only find reliable service providers on the platform.


Google My Business offers plenty of benefits to service providers and contractors in the plumbing industry, but the best part about this platform is that it’s free to use. Thus, you won’t have to shell out much money to connect with your target market.

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