Top 6 High Schools in Littleton, Colorado: A Guide for Parents & Students


Every parent wants the best for their child, and choosing the right public high schools for your child is a pivotal decision. Littleton, Colorado, boasts some of the most competitive and academically rigorous high schools in the region. These institutions are not just about grades; they foster environments where young minds can grow culturally, socially, and athletically. Below, we highlight the top 6 high schools in Littleton, Colorado, that stand out.

Top 6 High Schools in Littleton, Colorado

Our carefully curated list highlights the best public high schools that excel across various disciplines, with a good high school average, to ensure your teen gets a well-rounded experience. Read our top picks below and discover which Littleton high school aligns with your family’s educational values and which would benefit your future high school student the most.

1. Heritage High School

Heritage High School stands out as one of the top 6 high schools in Littleton, Colorado, for its exceptional Advanced Placement (AP) program. The school’s success rate in AP courses is notable, allowing students to challenge themselves academically and potentially earn college credit before graduation.

The high school also offers a broad spectrum of extracurricular activities. Students can engage in various competitive sports teams that foster both physical fitness and teamwork skills. This involvement enhances the overall high school experience by providing a balance between academics and athletics.

Beyond sports, Heritage High School encourages community service and student participation within the local area. This emphasis on involvement helps nurture a sense of responsibility and connection among students.

  • Culture & Community:
  • Strong emphasis on student engagement.
  • Multiple opportunities for community service.
  • Academics & Extracurriculars:
  • Successful AP program with a variety of subjects.
  • Diverse athletic programs promoting competition and team spirit.

With an environment that values education, teachers at Heritage are dedicated to fostering a culture of learning. They maintain a healthy teacher-student ratio, ensuring personalized attention where needed.

Moreover, this institution reflects diversity with significant minority enrollment, contributing to an inclusive educational setting. It’s not just about work; there’s also an understanding of family dynamics, which plays into considerations like financial aid options for those who need it. So, Whether your child starts out as a freshman or a sophomore, be sure to consider one of these high schools as an option in Jefferson County, CO.

2. Arapahoe High School

Arapahoe High School stands out in Littleton, Colorado, for its unique approach to learning through the Warrior Expedition. This experiential education program takes students beyond traditional classroom walls, offering real-world experiences and challenges that foster growth and learning.

The school’s commitment to the arts is evident in its strong performing arts and music programs. These programs are not just extracurricular activities; they are integral parts of the school culture, producing shows and performances that often become the talk of the town.

Year after year, Arapahoe maintains impressive graduation rates. The consistency in these high numbers speaks volumes about the dedication of both staff and students to academic excellence.

  • Warrior Expedition: Hands-on learning opportunities that prepare students for life beyond high school.
  • Arts Programs: A nurturing ground for creativity with robust music and performing arts curricula.
  • Graduation Rates: A testament to student success with consistently high graduation statistics annually.

Alums often look back at their time at Arapahoe with fondness, crediting the school for playing a pivotal role in shaping their futures. Whether it’s excelling academically or finding a passion in artistic endeavors, graduates leave well-prepared for their next steps.

3. Littleton High School

Littleton High School stands out with its International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme, attracting students who seek a challenging academic environment. The IB curriculum is renowned for its rigor and breadth, preparing learners not just for college but also for global citizenship.

Beyond academics, Littleton High boasts teams that excel in extracurricular competitions. Their robotics team has won awards, demonstrating innovation and technical skills. Similarly impressive is their debate team, which consistently performs well in tournaments, sharpening students’ public speaking and critical thinking abilities.

For those inclined towards practical skills, the school offers robust career and technical education options. These programs equip students with valuable hands-on experience in various trades and technologies—paths that can lead directly to careers or further specialized study after graduation.

  • International Baccalaureate: Offers a globally recognized diploma.
  • Robotics: Award-winning program fostering STEM skills.
  • Debate: Develop articulate speakers through competitive success.
  • Career Education: Prepares students for immediate employment or future specialization.

In this way, Littleton High School serves as a beacon of comprehensive education within the city, providing pathways that cater to diverse ambitions – whether they lean towards academia or industry-specific skills.

4. Dakota Ridge Senior High School

Dakota Ridge Senior High School stands out for its commitment to environmental sustainability. It’s part of the Green Mountain Area Superintendent’s Council, which focuses on eco-friendly initiatives. The school encourages students to think green and act sustainably, preparing them for a future where environmental concerns are paramount.

The academic offerings at Dakota Ridge are impressive, with a variety of Advanced Placement (AP) courses available. These rigorous classes give students a taste of college-level work while still in high school. By participating in these courses, students can earn college credit and sharpen their academic skills.

In addition to strong academics, Dakota Ridge emphasizes the importance of giving back through community service. The National Honor Society chapter at the school is particularly active, providing ample opportunities for students to engage in volunteer work. This not only benefits the Littleton community but also helps students develop leadership skills and compassion.

Here’s what sets Dakota Ridge apart:

  • Emphasis on environmental sustainability within education.
  • A broad selection of AP courses that prepare students for higher education.
  • A culture that values community service via an active National Honor Society chapter.

5. Chatfield Senior High School

Chatfield Senior High stands out with its Jeffco’s GT Center, dedicated to highly gifted learners. This program nurtures exceptional students by providing challenging coursework tailored to their advanced intellectual abilities.

STEM education here is top-notch, featuring modern facilities that keep pace with the rapidly evolving tech world. Students have access to cutting-edge labs and equipment, fostering an environment where innovation thrives.

Athletics are also a point of pride at Chatfield. Their competitive sports teams frequently make waves at state-level competitions, showcasing student dedication and talent.

  • Gifted Learners’ Haven: The GT Center focuses on expanding the potential of gifted students.
  • STEM Excellence: Equipped with the latest in technology and resources for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.
  • Athletic Prowess: Teams consistently achieve high rankings in state championships.

6. Columbine High School

Columbine High School stands out for its commitment to nurturing well-rounded students through the Rebel Responsibility program. This initiative emphasizes character education, teaching students values such as respect and accountability.

The school boasts a rich array of courses that cater to diverse interests and career paths. Students can explore their culinary passions in cooking classes or delve into the world of technology with engineering offerings. These programs equip students with practical skills that are valuable in today’s job market.

Support services at Columbine are extensive, ensuring every student receives the help they need to succeed academically and emotionally. From tutoring sessions to counseling services, the school is dedicated to fostering an environment where students can thrive both inside and outside the classroom.

  • Character Education: The Rebel Responsibility program promotes core ethical values.
  • Diverse Courses: Options range from culinary arts to engineering, preparing students for various careers.
  • Support Services: Academic guidance and emotional support are readily available for all members of the student body.

Top 6 High Schools in Littleton, Colorado: Navigating High School Options

Choosing the right high school is a big decision, and Littleton, Colorado, offers top-notch options. Each school on this list has its unique strengths, and each school location grades students in its own way. Consider factors such as sports programs, arts, or STEM focus, along with school location, grades served, student body demographics, teacher ratio, alumni involvement, and student reviews—each contributing to your decision-making process and the future alum.

Don’t just take our word for it; explore these schools yourself. Schedule a tour, meet the teachers, and chat with students. Your perfect high school experience is out there waiting for you. So go ahead and seize the opportunity to shape your future starting today!

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