Top 10 High Schools in Aurora, Colorado


Selecting the right high school, following choices from middle schools and elementary schools, is a pivotal decision for our families in Aurora, Colorado, including charter schools. We understand the importance of quality education provided by dedicated teachers in elementary schools and its impact on the diverse student body’s future success, including those in online schools.

Therefore, we have crafted a full guide to Aurora’s top 10 high schools, offering insights into each institution’s strengths, programs, teachers, and reviews across different districts and grades. 

1. Cherry Creek High School


Cherry Creek High School stands out in Aurora, Colorado. It’s known for its academic excellence in the best public high schools, charter schools, school districts, and elementary schools, and a supportive learning environment. We find ourselves impressed by the school’s commitment to fostering intellectual growth in charter, middle, elementary, and the best public high schools.

The campus is vast and equipped with modern facilities. Classrooms are designed to enhance our learning experiences. The faculty is experienced, often going beyond textbooks to engage us in real-world problem-solving, maintaining an optimal teacher ratio, and drawing positive reviews.

Academic Highlights

Cherry Creek excels academically. It offers a range of Advanced Placement (AP) courses that challenge us and prepare us for college-level work at one of the best public high schools. Many of us take these courses to get ahead before we even step foot on a university campus.

Apart from AP classes, the school, one of the best public high schools based on average review, has impressive language arts and science programs with favorable teacher ratios, according to reviews. These have sparked our interest in subjects like literature and biology, opening doors to various career paths.

  • Pros:
  • Wide selection of AP courses.
  • Strong emphasis on STEM fields.
  • Cons:
  • A competitive atmosphere can be stressful at times.

Extracurricular Highlights

Our extracurricular activities are as robust as our academics. With over 150 clubs, there’s something for everyone here at Cherry Creek High School. From robotics club to debate team, these groups at the best public high schools help develop leadership skills while also being fun, earning rave reviews and stars, minus the students!

Sports are big, too! Our teams often make it to state championships, bringing pride to one of the best public high schools, as reflected in our five-star reviews.

  • Key Activities Include:
  • Robotics Club
  • Debate Team
  • Athletic Programs

We’ve found that participating in these activities builds camaraderie among students and teaches valuable life lessons about teamwork and perseverance.


We’re particularly proud of Cherry Creek’s list of achievements, including being named among the best public high schools in CO with outstanding reviews and a high average review.

  1. Numerous National Merit Scholars have graduated from here.
  2. Our sports teams consistently rank high statewide.
  3. The music department frequently receives accolades for outstanding performances.

These accomplishments reflect individual talents and the supportive network within the best public high schools that nurtures those abilities overall, considering the teacher ratio and review.

2. Grandview High School

Educational Approach

Grandview High School stands out for its innovative teaching methods, favorable teacher ratio, and positive overall review. We’ve noticed that classes here, with an ideal teacher ratio, focus on critical thinking and real-world applications, consistently placing us among the best public high schools, according to the latest review. The curriculum at the best public high schools is designed to challenge students, preparing them for college and future careers, with a favorable teacher ratio and positive niche review.

Teachers at Grandview, one of the best public high schools according to Niche reviews, are committed to fostering a supportive learning environment. They encourage questions and provide personalized attention when needed. This co-teaching approach helps us feel more engaged in our education at one of the best public high schools with a favorable teacher ratio.

Special Programs

This school, one of the best public high schools, offers a variety of special programs tailored to diverse interests and needs, with a favorable teacher ratio and positive niche reviews. For example:

  • Advanced Placement (AP) courses
  • Career-focused electives
  • Language immersion options
  • Arts and music enrichment programs

These opportunities allow us to explore our passions while gaining valuable skills. Moreover, the student support services are impressive, including:

  • Tutoring centers
  • Counseling services
  • College prep resources

With these resources, including a favorable teacher ratio and comprehensive co-review, we have ample support throughout our high school journey.

Community Involvement

Community service is deeply ingrained in the culture of Grandview High School, often highlighted in niche schools’ reviews. Numerous outreach initiatives connect students with local organizations.

Participating in these activities has taught us the value of giving back to our community. It also provides practical experience outside the classroom setting, which can be just as educational as academic study.

3. Regis Jesuit High School

History and Mission

According to niche reviews, Regis Jesuit High School is a beacon of tradition in Aurora, Colorado, with a favorable teacher ratio. Founded with a deep-rooted history in education, it continues to thrive on its mission to educate young minds, maintaining a favorable teacher ratio and receiving positive niche reviews. We find inspiration in its commitment to forming men and women with and for others in schools.

The school’s dedication is evident through its nurturing approach and favorable teacher ratio towards every student, as reflected in niche reviews. Schools instill values that extend beyond academic excellence, fostering an environment where we can grow morally, spiritually, and co-curricularly.

Educational Offerings

At Regis Jesuit High School in CO, the educational experience, with its unique teacher ratio, is unlike any other school’s niche. Here, schools offer unique programs with a low teacher-to-student ratio that cater to our intellect and spirit and co-curricular development.

We are drawn to their Ignatian-based pedagogy in schools, which integrates critical thinking with ethical considerations. This approach ensures we’re knowledgeable and compassionate leaders of tomorrow in our schools.

Spiritual Education

At Regis Jesuit High School, a co-ed institution, spiritual growth is at the heart of education. The school allows us to explore our faith through retreats, masses, and service projects.

Their spiritual education in schools forms a vital part of who we become, encouraging us to seek purpose in life while helping those around us. It’s about building character in schools just as much as it’s about academics.

Extracurricular Activities

Life at Regis Jesuit, a co-ed school, extends far beyond the classroom walls. Many extracurricular activities await us here—each designed to enrich our high school journey.

From athletic teams in schools that teach teamwork and resilience to clubs that ignite passions within arts or sciences.

4. Smoky Hill High School

Academic Programs

Smoky Hill High School stands out for its robust academic programs. We find the variety of Advanced Placement (AP) courses in schools impressive, offering us a chance to challenge ourselves and earn college credit while still in high school. The curriculum is diverse, with options ranging from STEM subjects to humanities.

The commitment to technology integration in schools prepares us well for future endeavors. Classrooms in schools are equipped with modern tools that enhance our learning experience. For instance, science labs in schools have up-to-date equipment that makes experiments more engaging.

Athletic Opportunities

Our school spirit shines bright through athletics at Smoky Hill High School in Colorado. With numerous sports teams in our schools, we always have games or matches to look forward to after class. The facilities here include fields and courts where we practice and compete.

These opportunities in schools not only keep us fit but also teach valuable lessons about teamwork and perseverance.

Arts Opportunities

Beyond academics and sports, the arts scene at Smoky Hill is vibrant, too. There’s an artistic outlet for everyone’s interests, from theater productions to music concerts.

Student Support

The support services at Smoky Hill ensure no student falls behind academically or emotionally. Counseling staff help us navigate challenges both inside and outside the classroom.

They provide academic advice and college planning sessions, making daunting tasks like university applications much simpler for us seniors looking ahead.

Counselors also offer personal guidance when we face tough times; they’re trusted adults who listen without judgment.

5. Eaglecrest High School

Campus Culture

Eaglecrest High School boasts a vibrant campus. Here, we find a strong sense of community that encourages student involvement. The school’s culture is built on diversity and respect, fostering an inclusive student environment.

The grounds are spacious and well-maintained, providing ample learning and leisure space. Classrooms are equipped with modern amenities to aid our educational journey. We appreciate the attention given to creating a supportive atmosphere where we can thrive academically and socially.

Academic Excellence

Academic rigor is a hallmark at Eaglecrest High School. A wide range of Advanced Placement (AP) courses is offered here, challenging us to reach higher academic standards. These AP classes prepare us for college-level work while still in high school.

Honors courses are also available, providing opportunities for deeper exploration into subjects we’re passionate about. Such programs have helped many of us develop critical thinking skills and fostered a love for lifelong learning.

Extracurricular Diversity

Participation in extracurricular activities has enriched our high school experience significantly at Eaglecrest High School.

  • Clubs cater to various interests, from science to arts.
  • Sports teams bring out camaraderie and discipline among athletes.
  • Student organizations offer leadership experiences that prepare us for future endeavors.

We’ve found these groups bolster our resumes and enhance personal growth by teaching teamwork and responsibility.

6. Rangeview High School

Academic Excellence

At Rangeview High School, we find a commitment to academic rigor that prepares us for the future. The curriculum here is diverse and challenging, offering Advanced Placement (AP) courses and honors classes in various subjects. These programs help students like us gain college credits while still in high school.

Rangeview also supports an International Baccalaureate (IB) program that encourages global thinking. This program is known for its demanding coursework that promotes critical thinking and international-mindedness—a big plus for students aiming at top universities.

Tech Integration

Technology plays a significant role at Rangeview High School. We’ve noticed classrooms equipped with modern tech tools that facilitate interactive learning experiences. The emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) ensures that we stay ahead in fields shaping the future.

Moreover, there are specialized computer labs where students can work on coding projects or explore digital design—skills highly valued in today’s job market.

Community Impact

One aspect of Rangeview that stands out is its dedication to community service and leadership development. Students have ample opportunities to engage with local organizations through volunteer initiatives.

Leadership programs here aim to mold responsible citizens who take active community roles. By participating in these activities, we learn teamwork and empathy—traits essential beyond the classroom walls.

7. Vista PEAK Preparatory

Innovative Learning

At Vista PEAK Preparatory, we find an educational atmosphere that thrives on innovation. Unlike traditional schools, here, students engage in a curriculum designed for the future. The school’s focus on technology integration means lessons are heard and experienced.

Learning becomes interactive with smart boards and digital resources at our fingertips. We work on projects that challenge us to think critically and creatively. This approach prepares us for real-world problems, making learning relevant and exciting.

College Preparation

Vista PEAK offers robust programs aimed at college and career readiness. They help us map out our futures with advanced placement courses and dual credit options where we can earn college credits while still in high school.

Our guidance counselors also provide workshops on college applications and financial aid processes. Knowing we’re supported as we plan our next steps after graduation is reassuring.

Student Achievements

The proof of Vista PEAK’s success is in its student achievements. We take pride in knowing that our peers consistently perform above average on standardized tests like the SATs.

Furthermore, many graduates secure spots at prestigious universities thanks to the strong foundation built here at Vista PEAK Preparatory.

8. Overland High School

Educational Programs

Overland High School stands out for its diverse educational programs. Here, students can explore various subjects tailored to their interests and future goals. The school offers advanced placement courses and opportunities for college credit, which is crucial for those aiming higher in their academic pursuits.

Our journey through Aurora’s top schools has shown us the importance of a curriculum that challenges and engages students. At Overland, we’ve seen friends thrive in environments where learning goes beyond textbooks. Their project-based assignments encourage critical thinking and real-world applications.

Arts & Culture

The arts scene at Overland High School is vibrant, with numerous options for creative expression. Students can access quality music, arts, and cultural activities that enrich their high school experience. We’ve watched our peers grow through performances, art shows, and cultural events that showcase diverse talents.

This emphasis on the arts helps develop well-rounded individuals who appreciate different perspectives. It also provides an essential outlet for self-expression—a key aspect of personal development during these formative years.

Student Support

Support systems are vital in any high school setting, and Overland excels in these, too. They offer comprehensive guidance services to help students navigate academic choices and personal challenges.

From our collective experiences, readily available advisors make a significant difference in managing school stressors effectively—something we value highly at this stage in our lives.

9. Hinkley High School

Educational Approach

At Hinkley High School, our collective experience is shaped by a unique educational philosophy. This school emphasizes holistic development. Students are taught academic subjects and life skills that prepare them for the real world.

The curriculum at Hinkley encourages us to think critically and work collaboratively. This approach is challenging and rewarding, as it pushes us to become better learners and team players.

Technical Education

One of the most exciting aspects of Hinkley is its focus on career and technical education (CTE) opportunities. These programs equip students with invaluable practical skills in today’s job market.

We can choose from various CTE pathways, including health science, business management, and information technology. These courses offer hands-on experiences that make learning more engaging for us.

  • Health Science
  • Business Management
  • Information Technology

Athletic Programs

Hinkley’s athletic programs stand out as well. The school boasts a proud tradition of competitive sports that foster teamwork, discipline, and physical fitness among students.

Whether we’re interested in soccer, basketball, or track and field, there’s a team for everyone here at Hinkley High School.

  • Soccer Team
  • Basketball Team
  • Track & Field

10. Aurora Central High School

Academic Strengths

At Aurora Central High School, we’ve noticed an impressive focus on academics. The school offers a variety of Advanced Placement (AP) courses. These challenging classes prepare students for college-level work and can earn them college credit. For instance, their AP Biology course has consistently received positive feedback from our peers.

Moreover, the school emphasizes literacy across all subject areas. This means that no matter what class we’re in—be it math or history—we’re developing strong reading and writing skills.

Extracurricular Activities

Outside of the classroom, Aurora Central shines with its range of extracurricular activities. We have friends who thrive in sports teams like soccer and basketball, while others find their passion in drama club or orchestra.

The school also encourages us to engage with our community through various projects. Last year, we participated in a neighborhood clean-up initiative that improved local spaces and brought us closer together as Trojans—the proud mascot representing our unity and spirit.

Support Services

Aurora Central is committed to ensuring every student succeeds. They provide multiple support services, such as tutoring programs for those who need extra help with their studies.

Counselors are available to guide us toward future goals, whether applying to colleges or exploring career paths after graduation.

Best High Schools in Aurora, Colorado

Our exploration of Aurora’s top high schools offers a comprehensive guide for families prioritizing education. Each institution presents unique opportunities, from Cherry Creek’s rigorous academics to Vista PEAK’s innovative programs. We recognize the importance of a supportive learning environment that aligns with students’ aspirations and community values. These schools prepare students academically and cultivate well-rounded individuals ready to face future challenges.

Let’s take the next step together in securing a bright educational pathway for our youth. Share this guide with those embarking on their high school journey and join the conversation about Aurora’s educational landscape. Together, we can ensure our students can access the best schooling options available.

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