Tips for Creating an Efficient Website for a Roofing Company


A website is undeniably one of the most helpful marketing tools there is in the modern age. Even for a small business like a roofing company, it can be a helpful way to spread the word about the business. Sure, local flyering and word of mouth should be the go-to methods for promoting roofing companies. However, more and more are referring to online searches when they need something they are not knowledgeable about.

If you have a roofing company but do not have a website yet, you better get your ball rolling. A website can help you reach the right people and inform others about your business and what you do. If you need some web design tips for an effective website, here are some that could help you.

Complete Your Company Details

Keep in mind that people regularly look up information online. If they need a local roofing company and search for someone they can tap, they need complete information before they can contact you. That means you need to publish your business name, location (full address, if possible), and contact information. 

Besides these contact details, you should also introduce who you are and what you offer as a company. More importantly, the navigation that directs them to these particulars should be visible to your site visitors all the time. That way, they can access the information they need at any time. 

Show Them Proof of Your Work

Photos are the fastest way to convince people about what you can do. It is attractive, appealing, and easy to see when on a website. Post on your site some of your proudest works. It would be best if you use before and after photos to let others witness the difference. By checking your photos, they can easily see what to expect and also what you can do. 

However, do not just upload any photos. Make sure that they are of good quality according to the recommended dimensions, file type, and file size. Hire a professional photographer if you have the budget and a professional website designer who knows the dos and don’ts when building a website. That includes knowing how to upload quality photos that do not affect the loading speed of your website.

The next thing that people would look for in your website is your former clients’ feedback. Sometimes, it is what people would look for from the start. Collect all these comments and reviews and place them on one web page on your site. Highlight those that can help you establish your expertise in the industry and those that can help people feel confident about your service

Display Your Reviews

If you have no reviews yet, start asking your satisfied clients for some testimonials. Make sure to display all these testimonials across all of your platforms. 

Optimize Your Site for Local SEO

While designing your website, make sure that you implement the methods to boost its local SEO. If you successfully do this, you can attract people who are already looking for your services in your local neighborhood. 

When optimizing your website, make sure to target geographic keywords and phrases and place them in the right places all over your website. Working with an experienced and knowledgeable website designer can help you follow search engines’ recommendations. 


Designing a website is not just building a website according to how you want it to look. It requires a lot of consideration and strategic decisions to meet your objectives. If you need to sell products and services, get new customers, or share information, you need a website that works for you. 

Should you need website design services in Colorado, we can help you. Anew Media Group is your professional marketing experts who serve as your business partners that deliver results. Let us handle all the technology and marketing solutions, including website design services, while you focus on growing your business. 

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