The Top Parks in Aurora, Colorado: 10 Can’t-Miss Gems


Aurora’s Park Scene

Aurora, Colorado, is home to many parks with hiking trails and a wildlife refuge, making it a popular destination for all outdoor enthusiasts. Whether looking for a peaceful stroll on hiking trails or an action-packed afternoon of recreational activities, these national parks offer us fresh air and room to explore.

Each park has its unique charm. We’ve picnicked under the vast sky at Cherry Creek State Park, hiked through the wildlife-rich trails and canyons at Quincy Reservoir, and watched our kids play gleefully on the accessible playgrounds at Red-tailed Hawk Park. With more than 100 parks and places for hiking in Aurora, there’s always a popular destination or a new museum for us to discover.

Distinct Features

What makes these parks stand out? It’s not just their beauty; it’s also how they bring us together, connecting our history, places, and area every day. The top parks in Aurora are designed with the community in mind, featuring places like trails and a museum. They host events that draw neighbors from all walks of life and provide amenities that cater to various interests.

For example:

  • Cherry Creek State Park offers a reservoir perfect for boating, fishing, and trails.
  • Aurora Reservoir boasts clear waters ideal for swimming during hot summer days.
  • At Delaney Farm, we can connect with history by touring historic buildings.

1. Cherry Creek State Park

Location Access

Cherry Creek State Park is a haven of natural beauty within Aurora. Easy to reach, this national park serves as an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, with favorable reviews from TripAdvisor members. We find it accessible for everyone. The park has clear signage and plenty of parking, making our trips hassle-free.

Once inside the national parks, we’re greeted by a network of well-maintained trails. They are perfect for biking or walking with friends. The paths in national parks lead us through diverse landscapes – from open fields to quiet wooded areas.

Key Attractions

The heart of Cherry Creek State Park is its reservoir. Ideal for swimming and boating in national parks, it’s where we cool off during hot summer days or enjoy a peaceful paddle in the calm waters. Fishing in national parks is also popular.

Around the reservoir in the national park, picnic areas dot the landscape, offering spots to relax and share meals together outdoors, often featured on TripAdvisor. These gatherings in national parks foster community spirit and create lasting memories.

  • Boating
  • Swimming
  • Fishing
  • Picnicking

Activities Range

Not just water-based fun, Cherry Creek boasts vast areas for hiking and horseback riding, too. Trails in national parks wind through various terrains, challenging both beginners and seasoned hikers alike.

During winter months, when snow blankets the ground, cross-country skiing becomes a favorite pastime here at Cherry Creek State Park – transforming it into a snowy playground that offers laughter-filled weekends away from screens and gadgets.

  • Hiking
  • Horseback Riding
  • Cross-Country Skiing

Each season brings new ways to explore national parks.

2. Quincy Reservoir

Recreational Opportunities

Quincy Reservoir stands as a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Here, we find ourselves surrounded by nature’s tranquility in national parks, far from the city’s bustle. The national park offers ample space for picnics, with tables dotting the landscape under shady trees.

Hiking trails in national parks wind around the water, perfect for our leisurely walks or morning jogs, and are highly rated. Birdwatchers in our group get their binoculars ready because this national park is a TripAdvisor-recognized hotspot for avian life. We often spot colorful wings fluttering above us.

Fishing and Boating Information

For those of us who love fishing, Quincy Reservoir is a dream come true. It boasts rich stocks of largemouth bass and perch. Remember to check local guidelines and TripAdvisor; a license is required to fish in national parks here.

Boating at Quincy contrasts Cherry Creek State Park’s bustling marina with serenity. Only non-motorized boats are allowed, ensuring peace on the waterways—ideal conditions for our kayaking trips.

3. Aurora Reservoir

Trails and Beach

We find ourselves at the Aurora Reservoir at the heart of our adventures. This vast 800-acre reservoir is a gem for outdoor enthusiasts like us. The trails here beckon with their serene beauty.

We start on the winding paths that skirt around the water’s edge. These trails are perfect for a leisurely bike ride or a brisk walk. They offer stunning views of the water and surrounding landscapes. We often spot families enjoying picnics and friends laughing together on these excursions.

The beach area is another highlight where relaxation meets recreation. On sunny days, it’s filled with people basking in the warmth or building sandcastles by the shore. It feels like our own slice of paradise away from city life.

Events and Water Activities

Throughout summer, we dive into various events held at this impressive reservoir. There’s something special about joining community gatherings here — they bring us all closer to nature and each other.

Water activities abound for those who seek thrills or want to cool off. We’ve tried kayaking, paddleboarding, and even fishing in these waters—each experience is unique and memorable.

4. Del Mar Park

Family Amenities

At Del Mar Park, we find ourselves embraced by a family-friendly atmosphere that caters to all ages. The park’s layout is thoughtfully designed with families in mind, offering a variety of activities that allow parents and children to spend quality time together.

One can’t help but appreciate the ample picnic areas where families gather for barbecues and birthday parties. It’s common to spot kids laughing on swings while their guardians watch nearby, chatting or enjoying a book under the shade of mature trees.

5. Utah Park

Open Spaces

Utah Park offers us an escape into nature right in the heart of Aurora. Here, we find ourselves surrounded by vast open spaces that invite us to explore and breathe in the fresh air. The park’s extensive trail system is perfect for our morning jogs or leisurely evening strolls.

The trails are well-maintained and marked, ensuring we never lose our way as we wander through the scenic routes. On these paths, you might spot local wildlife or various birds that call this green haven home.

Aquatic Center

One of Utah Park’s highlights is its impressive aquatic center. Whether it’s hot outside or we want to enjoy some water activities, this facility has something for everyone in our group.

The center boasts indoor and outdoor pools, making it a year-round destination for swimmers like us who seek fun, fitness, or both! The aquatic amenities provide endless entertainment, from swimming laps to diving competitions among friends.

Sports Facilities

In addition to Utah Park swimming facilities, numerous sports options are available that keep us active and engaged. We often spend afternoons playing soccer on the fields or challenging each other on the basketball courts.

For those looking for a more relaxed pace, there are picnic areas where we can take breaks between games. These spots also serve as great places for community gatherings where neighbors gather to share stories over food and drinks.

6. Great Plains Park

Unique Attractions

At Great Plains Park, we find joy in the simple things. The splash pad is a favorite among kids and adults alike. On hot days, laughter fills the air as everyone cools off under the gentle water sprays.

Just steps away lies a vibrant playground. Here, children climb and slide while parents chat nearby on benches shaded by young trees.

Fitness Areas

We value staying active together. This park boasts well-maintained fitness stations, perfect for those looking to add variety to their workout routines. Whether pull-ups or step-ups, these facilities cater to all fitness levels.

The open fields invite us for soccer games or frisbee tosses—a great way to bond while increasing our heart rates.

Picnic Areas

When hunger strikes after playtime or workouts, we gather at one of the many picnic areas scattered throughout Great Plains Park. With ample space and clean tables, these spots are ideal for birthday parties or casual lunches with friends.

We create memories that last a lifetime as we share food and stories under pavilions offering shade from Colorado’s intense sun.

7. Olympic Park

Sports Facilities

Olympic Park offers us an array of sports facilities catering to various interests and skill levels. Here, we find the open fields inviting for soccer or football games with friends. The well-maintained courts beckon us for a game of basketball or tennis.

The park’s layout includes multiple playing areas, so there is usually space available for everyone. Whether practicing our serves or scoring goals, these facilities provide a perfect setting to stay active and have fun.

Open Fields

The open fields at Olympic Park are not just for sports but also the ideal spot for flying kites or throwing frisbees on a breezy day. We often see families picnicking under the sun while children play tag in the grassy expanses.

These spaces offer freedom and flexibility to enjoy various outdoor activities. They’re large enough to host community events like local sports tournaments.

Community Events

Speaking of community events, Olympic Park is known as a hub where gatherings bring people together. From cultural festivals to live music performances, we’ve witnessed how this park becomes alive with excitement and unity during such occasions.

It’s inspiring how residents from all walks of life come here to celebrate their shared passions and create lasting memories amidst Aurora’s natural beauty.


Moreover, this park has been our go-to place for organizing group meetups such as family reunions and birthday parties. The amenities accommodate groups comfortably while maintaining that cozy atmosphere we all cherish in communal celebrations.

We appreciate how these gatherings at Olympic Park strengthen bonds within our community by providing an accessible venue that encourages social interaction among neighbors.

8. Red-tailed Hawk Park

Nature and Wildlife

Exploring the natural beauty of Red-tailed Hawk Park offers us a unique chance to connect with nature. This park is a haven for various wildlife, especially the majestic red-tailed hawks that soar above.

We often spot these raptors perched high in the treetops or gliding on thermals in search of prey. The sight is truly mesmerizing. Besides these birds of prey, we’ve encountered other wildlife like foxes and deer during our visits, adding to our sense of adventure.

The park’s diverse habitats support an array of flora as well. Wildflowers bloom vibrantly amidst lush grasslands while native shrubs rustle gently in the breeze—a perfect backdrop for any outdoor enthusiast.

Accessibility and Walking Paths

One thing we appreciate about Red-tailed Hawk Park is its accessibility features. It caters to visitors of all ages and abilities with well-maintained walking paths that weave through scenic landscapes.

These paths are wheelchair-friendly and ideal for families pushing strollers or anyone looking for a leisurely stroll without tough terrain challenges. We find it easy to navigate around and always feel safe due to clear signage directing us along the trails.

For those seeking more vigorous activity, longer loops offer great opportunities for jogging or brisk walking while enjoying picturesque views—combining exercise with pleasure seamlessly.

9. Bicentennial Park

Historical Significance

Bicentennial Park stands as a tribute to our nation’s 200th birthday. It’s not just another green space in Aurora, Colorado; it carries the weight of history within its grounds. We find ourselves walking through this park with a sense of reverence.

The park’s natural beauty is striking. Mature trees tower above us, their leaves whispering stories from decades past. The air feels cleaner here, filled with the scent of grass and earth—a contrast to the city’s hustle and bustle beyond the park boundaries.

Natural Beauty

This place isn’t only about what happened long ago. Nature flourishes here and now. As we stroll along the paths, we spot squirrels darting across our way and hear birds singing from hidden perches.

In spring, flowers bloom around us in vibrant displays of color that seem almost too perfect to be real. We often pause to admire these scenes or capture them in photos—each one a reminder of how nature can thrive when given space.


Our group includes kids at heart who can’t resist swinging on swings or sliding down slides whenever possible—and Bicentennial Park delivers! Its playgrounds are well-maintained havens for fun that keep us entertained for hours.

We watch children laugh as they play tag or climb on jungle gyms while parents chat nearby on benches under shady spots provided by those same old trees that watched over generations before them.

Picnic Areas

When hunger strikes after all our exploring and playing, we’re grateful for the picnic areas scattered throughout Bicentennial Park. These spaces invite families and friends to gather around tables laden with snacks or full-blown feasts prepared at home and brought here to enjoy the outdoors together.

  • Grills available for barbecues make these picnics even more delightful.
  • Shelters offer shade on sunny days, ensuring comfort during meal times regardless of weather.

10. Jewell Wetlands Park

Natural Habitats

As we continue our journey through Aurora’s green spaces, we find ourselves drawn to the Jewell Wetlands Park. This park stands out for its commitment to preserving natural habitats. Here, diverse ecosystems thrive, providing a haven for wildlife and an ideal spot for bird watchers.

Bird enthusiasts in our group are delighted by the variety of species here. We often spot ducks gliding across the ponds and hear songbirds filling the air with their melodies. It’s not uncommon to see people with binoculars patiently waiting to glimpse rare birds nesting among the trees or skimming over the water.

Bird Watching

The excitement is tangible when one of us points out a flash of color that turns out to be an elusive kingfisher or when we hear the distinctive call of a warbler nearby. The wetlands serve as a crucial stopover for migratory birds, making each visit unique depending on the season.

We’ve learned so much about local wildlife by observing these feathered friends in their natural habitat. There’s something special about watching life unfold at its own pace—a reminder that nature operates on its own timeline.

Tranquil Setting

Away from bustling city streets, Jewell Wetlands Park offers us tranquility amidst nature’s embrace. The walking trails winding through this serene landscape beckon us forward with promises of peace and quiet reflection.

Our walks here are leisurely; there’s no rush as we take in every detail—from dew drops on wildflowers to dragonflies darting over reeds. These moments allow us time away from screens and schedules—to be present together in nature’s calming presence.

Walking Trails

Strolling along these paths fosters conversation and camaraderie within our group—we share stories, laugh together, and sometimes solve world problems one step at a time! It’s also where some prefer solitude, breaking away momentarily to reflect privately or meditate surrounded by subtle sounds of rustling leaves and trickling waterways.

There is something inherently therapeutic about being outdoors here at Jewell Wetlands Park—the fresh air seems fresher somehow; worries feel lighter as gentle breezes carry them off.

  • Reconnect with nature
  • Discover new bird species
  • Enjoy peaceful walks

The Magic in Aurora’s Parks

Aurora’s parks are a tapestry of nature and recreation. Each park has its own unique charm, from serene ponds to bustling playgrounds. We have seen the beauty of Cherry Creek State Park’s vast landscape and experienced the thrill of water sports there.

  • Cherry Creek State Park: Offers camping, horseback riding, and a large off-leash dog area.
  • Delaney Farm: Showcases historical buildings and provides community garden plots.

We’ve found places for quiet reflection and areas buzzing with activity in these spaces. Our adventures through Star K Ranch introduced us to wildlife habitats that thrive close to urban settings.

We marveled at the wetlands in Jewell Wetlands Park, too. It was not just about what these parks offered but how they made us feel—connected to each other and our environment.

Encouragement to Explore and Enjoy

We urge you to step out into Aurora’s green havens yourself. Whether you’re seeking an afternoon picnic or an invigorating hike, there is something here for everyone. The memories we create in these parks stay with us long after we leave.

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