Safest Neighborhoods to Live in Denver: Our Top 10 Picks for 2023


Denver’s charm isn’t just about the mountain views or vibrant downtown life; it’s also found in pockets of peace where safety, community, and walkability intertwine in some of the safest neighborhoods to live in Denver with great restaurants. As we delve into the safest neighborhoods, imagine your days filled with serene walks, neighborly smiles, and a sense of security that comes from low crime rates, high walkability, affordable housing, and proximity to downtown as some of the best places.

These areas aren’t merely places to live, but spaces where families thrive in safe neighborhoods, nature beckons, walkability is a given, affordable housing is available, and proximity to work is just right. In a city pulsing with life, finding an oasis of calm in the best neighborhoods, known for walkability and vibrant restaurants, isn’t just a dream—it’s your next home for young professionals.

Keen on peaceful living? Scroll down for reviews of our top picks for the safest neighborhoods to live in Denver and best places—your search for tranquility in the term “home” begins here, perfect for families.

1. North Park Hill

North Park Hill stands out as a top contender for the safest and best neighborhood in Denver, with competitive home prices. This area is particularly known for its vigilant neighborhood watch program, which plays a significant role in fostering community safety and ranks among the best neighborhoods.

The crime rates in the best neighborhoods here tell a promising story; they are notably lower than the city average, making it one of the best places for those seeking peace of mind according to population reviews.

Families especially benefit from this safe environment in the best neighborhoods, coupled with access to outstanding local schools in the best places that cater to educational needs with excellence, making it an ideal home for a growing population.

Being family-friendly isn’t just about good schools—it’s also about creating an atmosphere in the best neighborhoods where children can play, learn safely, and call home.

North Park Hill, one of the best neighborhoods, delivers on this front, offering parks and recreational activities that encourage family bonding without worrying about safety concerns, consistently receiving positive reviews as one of the best places to live.

Property values in the best neighborhoods reflect the desirability and population data of living in such a secure locale, ranking among the best places.

The median home price in North Park Hill, supported by niche market data, is indicative of its status as one of Denver’s best neighborhoods, while still providing options across various price points.

Renters aren’t left behind either—the average rent in the best neighborhood here remains competitive compared to other areas closer to downtown or the bustling East side of the Mile High City, minus the larger population of the best places. Whether you’re looking to buy or rent, investing in North Park Hill, one of the best places according to niche reviews, means investing in your family’s security and well-being.

2. Washington Park

Washington Park stands out as one of Denver’s best places and safest neighborhoods, thanks to its historic homes and brightly lit streets that offer a sense of timeless security. Residents here, representing the area’s population, are deeply involved in community safety initiatives, which reflects their commitment to maintaining the area’s peaceful atmosphere, often cited in reviews as one of the best places to live.

The neighborhood is anchored by the expansive Washington Park itself, a lush expanse that provides locals with ample space for recreation and relaxation.

This proximity to green spaces not only enhances residents’ quality of life but also contributes to the area’s low crime rates; parks often serve as natural gathering spots fostering strong community bonds, making it one of the best places for the population to live.

Walkability is another hallmark of Washington Park. With plenty of the best places to eat and niche local businesses within easy walking distance, there’s a vibrant street life that keeps eyes on the street at all hours. This constant activity serves as an informal neighborhood watch program, further ensuring resident safety.

3. University Park

Nestled near the prestigious University of Denver, University Park stands out as a beacon of safety. The presence of campus security extends beyond the university grounds, contributing to an environment where residents feel protected.

The neighborhood’s spirit is amplified by its engaged community members who foster a tight-knit atmosphere. This sense of unity not only enhances social bonds but also heightens collective vigilance against crime.

University Park offers diverse residential options appealing to different preferences and lifestyles. From quaint single-family homes to modern apartments, this variety ensures that all residents—students, professionals, or families—find their fitting abode.

Neighbors here are known for being particularly observant and proactive in ensuring each other’s safety. It’s common for people in this area to know one another by name and look out for each other’s properties when away from home.

Schools around University Park add another layer of assurance for families prioritizing education in a safe setting. These institutions often boast high ratings and contribute positively to the community fabric.

While specific stats on median purchase price fluctuate with market trends, it’s worth noting that investing in such a secure and well-connected neighborhood can be seen as both a lifestyle choice and an asset protection strategy.

4. Sloan Lake

Sloan Lake stands out as a serene Denver neighborhood, where the presence of nature plays a pivotal role in maintaining safety. The area’s abundant outdoor activities not only offer recreation but also act as a natural deterrent to crime.

People are often outside, jogging or walking dogs, which means there are always eyes on the street.

The local police force is proactive here; regular patrols contribute to the sense of security among residents. This consistent visibility of law enforcement helps keep potential trouble at bay and provides quick response times in case of emergencies.

Community events at Sloan Lake are more than just fun gatherings—they’re strategic too. These occasions bring neighbors together, fostering a tight-knit community vigilant against suspicious activity. When people know each other, they’re more likely to look out for one another’s homes and report any odd occurrences.

  • Outdoor activities lead to less crime.
  • Visible police patrols enhance security.
  • Community events build vigilant neighborhoods.

These elements combine to make Sloan Lake one of Denver’s safest areas—a place where outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy their passions with peace of mind and neighbors watch out for each other like family.

5. Wellshire

Wellshire stands out for its low property crime rates, making it one of Denver’s safest neighborhoods to call home. The numbers speak volumes; residents here enjoy a sense of security that is hard to match elsewhere in the city.

This neighborhood isn’t just about safety; it’s also about community.

A vibrant neighborhood association keeps residents connected and engaged with each other, fostering a strong bond among neighbors. This active involvement contributes not only to the area’s charm but also enhances its overall safety—a community that looks out for one another.

Adding to Wellshire’s appeal is the presence of a golf course within its bounds. While providing leisure opportunities for golf enthusiasts, it also plays an unexpected role in neighborhood watchfulness. The open spaces and regular foot traffic serve as natural surveillance, keeping potential trouble at bay.

Residents often tout their experiences living in Wellshire—stories of evening strolls without worry and children playing outside until dusk are common threads that highlight this enclave’s idyllic nature.

6. Southmoor Park

Southmoor Park stands out for its spacious lots and serene streets, which naturally discourage criminal behavior. The large properties provide homeowners with privacy while the quiet surroundings contribute to a peaceful living environment.

The sense of security in Southmoor Park is further enhanced by its close-knit community. Residents actively participate in an organized neighborhood watch program, demonstrating their commitment to collective safety and vigilance.

This Denver neighborhood boasts an array of nearby amenities that ensure constant foot traffic. Local shops, parks, and recreational facilities not only serve as conveniences but also keep eyes on the street throughout the day.

  • Spacious lots offer both privacy and deterrence against crime.
  • Quiet streets contribute to a tranquil atmosphere.
  • An active neighborhood watch underscores community solidarity.
  • Amenities like local shops and parks promote regular foot traffic.

These attributes make Southmoor Park not just one of Denver’s safest neighborhoods but also one that fosters communal ties through shared efforts in maintaining safety. It’s where vigilant neighbors look out for each other against potential threats and enjoy accessible local comforts that enhance their quality of life.

7. Washington Virginia Vale

Washington Virginia Vale stands out with its diverse housing options. Residents here take pride in their community, exhibiting vigilance in maintaining and securing their properties. This collective effort ensures a safe environment for everyone.

The neighborhood is not just about the homes; it’s also about the people who actively participate in public safety programs.

These initiatives are well-supported by the local residents, creating a strong sense of unity and shared responsibility for each other’s well-being.

An added layer of security comes from the proximity to Four Mile Historic Park. The park is not only a haven for history buffs but also acts as a natural surveillance asset. Its open spaces provide residents with visibility, contributing to an effective neighborhood watch program.

This blend of proactive homeownership, community participation in safety programs, and strategic use of local landmarks like Four Mile Historic Park makes Washington Virginia Vale one of Denver’s safest neighborhoods to live in.

8. Regis

Regis, a neighborhood that benefits from the presence of Regis University, offers an added layer of safety. The university’s security measures extend to surrounding areas, creating a safer environment for residents. This is not just about patrols or cameras; it’s about the constant activity and watchful eyes that come with student life.

The statistics speak volumes: there is a low incidence of violent crimes in Regis compared to other neighborhoods. Year after year, reports show fewer instances of serious offenses here than you might find elsewhere in Denver. It’s reassuring for those who value peace and personal safety.

Community spirit plays a crucial role too. Neighbors don’t just know each other; they actively organize events focused on keeping their area safe. From neighborhood watches to community meetings discussing safety strategies, there’s a collective effort towards maintaining tranquility.

  • University Security: Patrols and surveillance systems bolster local law enforcement efforts.
  • Crime Rates: Violent crimes are notably lower in this area annually.
  • Community Involvement: Regular gatherings emphasize communal vigilance.

Living in Regis isn’t only about enjoying quiet streets or being near academic facilities—it means being part of an active community where security is everyone’s business. Whether through formal structures like university security or informal ones like neighborly gatherings, every aspect works together to maintain the neighborhood’s reputation as one of Denver’s safest places.

9. Congress Park

Congress Park beckons with its tree-lined streets that not only add to the historic charm of the neighborhood but also enhance visibility, making it a safer environment for residents. The towering trees and well-lit sidewalks contribute to fewer hidden spots, deterring potential crime.

The community here doesn’t just rely on aesthetics for safety; they take an active role in ensuring their neighborhood remains secure.

Residents participate in local crime prevention programs, fostering a tight-knit community vigilant against suspicious activities. This collective effort means neighbors look out for one another, creating a network of informal surveillance.

Moreover, Congress Park’s central location is strategic — it benefits from being at the heart of Denver where there’s a strong police presence. Law enforcement officers are regularly patrolling the area, providing an added layer of security that maintains order and deters criminal activity.

Statistics show that areas with engaged communities and consistent policing often experience lower crime rates compared to those without such initiatives. In Congress Park, this combination has proven effective in keeping the peace within this urban oasis.

10. Belcaro

Belcaro stands out as an affluent neighborhood where safety is a top priority for its residents. Many homeowners here invest in private security services, adding an extra layer of protection to their already secure environment. This proactive approach to safety contributes significantly to the peace of mind that Belcaro residents enjoy.

The design of this neighborhood includes limited access points, which plays a crucial role in its security strategy. Fewer entryways mean it’s easier for both residents and security personnel to spot any unusual activity quickly.

This controlled accessibility acts as a deterrent against potential intruders and helps maintain the area’s low crime rate.

In addition to these measures, Belcaro boasts lush landscapes that do more than beautify the area—they’re part of strategic urban planning aimed at enhancing safety. The thoughtful placement of trees and green spaces ensures clear visibility across properties while also creating natural barriers that contribute to the overall security framework.

Residents often take leisurely strolls or drive through the serene streets lined with elegant homes, enjoying both the beauty and tranquility that come from living in one of Denver’s safest neighborhoods.

safest neighborhoods to live in Denver

The Safest Neighborhoods to Live in Denver in 2024

We’ve roamed the streets, hung out in the parks, and chatted with the locals to bring you our top picks for Denver’s safest neighborhoods. From North Park Hill’s friendly vibes to Belcaro’s lush landscapes, each area offers its unique charm and peace of mind. Whether you’re jogging in Wash Park or grabbing a bite in Southmoor Park, you’ll feel right at home, safe and sound.

So, what’s the next step? Time to lace up those sneakers and explore these havens for yourself! Find your spot for that morning coffee or that evening stroll. And hey, if you’ve got questions or need a few more tips on settling into your safe Denver nook, drop us a line. We’re all in this adventure together!

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