Lone Tree, Colorado’s Quirkiest Traditions: 5 Unique Local Customs


Lone Tree, Colorado, is a treasure trove of unique customs that weave the colorful fabric of this vibrant community’s culture and trees. From annual celebrations like drinking coffee with cops and laughing at moms to peculiar local practices found nowhere else, like yarn bombing and howling, it is all in Lone Tree. These traditions underscore the city’s distinct character, communal spirit, and vibrant community life across different neighborhoods.

Discover Lone Tree, Colorado‘s quirkiest traditions, and immerse yourself in five unique local customs. Experience the charm and allure of this vibrant community like never before. Each custom in community life tells a story, fostering a sense of belonging among locals in neighborhoods while intriguing visitors with its charm and enriching the culture of communities.

As you delve into these five quirky traditions, prepare to be captivated by Lone Tree’s rich cultural tapestry, highlighting culture, music, food, and community life during your trip. Scroll down for reviews of our top picks for fun and quirky customs, and discover what makes each tradition a must-experience culture trip for all.

Key Takeaways

  • Lone Tree, Colorado, is rich in unique local customs and culture that bring the community together, showcasing the importance of tradition in building a tight-knit community.
  • Laugh out Loud for real at the Lone Tree Arts Center with Moms Unhinged. This comedy show will have everyone laughing until they cry.
  • The Midnight Howl on New Year’s Eve is a quirky yet unifying event that allows locals to welcome the new year in a memorable and communal manner, emphasizing the value of shared experiences and culture.
  • Have Coffee with a Cop at Heidi’s Deli in the heart of Lone Tree. Get to know the community heroes before you need them. 
  • The Wag and Romp Dog Swim invites your furry family members to hang out with other fur babies at the local pool.
  • Backyard Beats & Southern Street Eats is a summer concert series where they have free live music, delicious food, and fun with friendly neighbors. 

1. Midnight Howl: The New Year’s Eve Communal Howling

In Lone Tree, Colorado, a unique tradition rooted in local culture brings the community and neighborhoods together on New Year’s Eve. Residents from various neighborhoods gather in downtown Lone Tree, not just to count down the final seconds of the year but for a collective howl at midnight, making it a memorable trip for many people.

This communal howling by people is more than just an unusual way to welcome the new year. It symbolizes letting go of the past year’s troubles and woes in a cathartic release deeply rooted in culture. The holiday event isn’t only about howling into the night sky but also includes a gathering of friends and family.

It features live music that fills the air with divine melodies, creating an atmosphere of unity and celebration among attendees during the perfect day of a New Year’s culture trip. Couples and families huddle together in neighborhoods, sharing warmth and excitement for the perfect day of New Year, embracing the culture that lies ahead.

Adding to this festive spirit are hot cocoa stands dotted around Lone Tree, enhancing the event with things that celebrate the culture. These stands offer sweet comfort against the chilly December night, making sure everyone stays warm as they participate in this distinctive local custom.

The Midnight Howl serves as a reminder that traditions are steeped in culture and akin to the perfect day of the year. It can be both meaningful and fun. It provides an opportunity for residents to come together in solidarity, embracing both their individuality and their part in the larger community tapestry.

2. Go Big: Arts Center Moms Unhinged Comedy Show 

It’s true! Laughing has been shown to make people live longer! Maybe that is why the Lone Tree Ladies put on a comedy show every March to help locals extend their lives with laughs. Who doesn’t love to laugh? That’s why this show, Moms Unhinged, at the Lone Tree Arts Center is one that visitors and locals cannot miss. 

With a fun crew from all over the country, these ladies have performed worldwide to bring laughter into everyday gripes like single moms’ online dating, midlife crises, crazy motherhood issues, and divorce bloopers. They even bring along a token dad to give the show a man’s point of view (and some eye candy for the ladies). 

The show is held at the beginning of March in the state-of-the-art performing arts center at Lincoln Avenue and Interstate 25. There is free parking, public transportation services, concessions serving snacks and beverages, and 480 seats to choose from. 

3. Coffee with a Cop: Get to Know Your Neighborhood Officers

Many people may not even notice the local law enforcement officers until they need them or if they get pulled over. In Lone Tree, the community believes that everyone should know who their city heroes are during Coffee with a Cop at Heidi’s Deli on Heritage Circle Drive in the heart of Lone Tree. 

No need to wait until you are getting a warning for driving too fast! This event is just a friendly chat with those who are there to help out the community when needed. Residents can voice complaints, ask questions, and just hang out with some of the local cops for free. No charge for the coffee or the conversation.

This casual hangout session can be found all over the country but in Lone Tree, you will find it at Heidi’s Deli. While there, visitors can also enjoy a sandwich made with one of the deli’s handmade flavors of bread, a freshly-made bagel with cream cheese, warm soups, or a delicious dessert. They even have a vegetarian menu!

4. Wag N Romp: A Dog Swimming Event

Every year, in September, Cook Creek Pool in Lone Tree lets its furry residents cool off in their pools. The family-friendly event includes more than just swimming, though. The pups can fetch water toys, take a trip down the water slide, and just have a great time getting wet with other local fur babies.

The kids can play on the modern playground equipment at nearby Sweetwater Park. There are slides, swings, and climbing bars, as well as a picnic area where everyone can have a meal together. Fur babies can splash, swim, and dive for their favorite dive toys or test their agility skills at the nearby dog agility course.

There are local pet vendors showing off their wares and giving away free treats and information. Pet parents can even sign up to win a basket filled with fun items for them and their pups. After swimming and playing for hours, your pooch can get a bubble bath and nail trim at the end of the day.

5. Backyard Beats & Southern Street Eats: A Giant Backyard Bash

During this giant backyard party at Sweetwater Park, residents and visitors alike bring their lawn chairs and blankets to listen to the bands play and sing while they enjoy delicious food and beverages from the local food trucks. There are all types of music, from country to rock, and the cuisine can include everything from chicken tacos to beef liver sandwiches.

The kids can enjoy a bowl of their favorite ice cream so good they will be licking the spoon clean while the family relaxes in the field with a meal of their choosing. It is a fun time for all to enjoy regional bands as well as nationally touring acts such as The Steel Drivers, Band of Heathens, The Samples, and the Freddy Jones Band, to name a few!

Besides all that, there are plenty of opportunities for residents to get to know each other. Sometimes, it takes a traditional event, no matter how quirky, to give people the time to enjoy the company of their neighbors.

Embracing Quirky Traditions: Community and Culture in Lone Tree

Lone Tree, Colorado, stands out for its unique blend of traditions and culture that weave a rich tapestry of community and creativity. From howling at the moon to drinking coffee with cops, these fun events are perfect for everyone. 

The Midnight Howl has the whole town howling to bring people together in celebration and reflection of culture. The Moms Unhinged Comedy Show will have everyone laughing out loud, while Coffee with a Cop is the perfect way to get to know the local officers before you need to call them. 

Wag N Romp invites the Lone Tree residents to bring along their furry family members to the pool for an end-of-summer splash tradition. Backyard Beats & Southern Street Eats gets the whole community together in the park for music, food, beverages, and fun.

These quirky traditions not only add color to the local lifestyle and culture but also invite outsiders to experience Lone Tree’s unique community spirit. They underscore the importance of preserving such customs and culture for future generations, ensuring that the essence of Lone Tree remains vibrant and welcoming.

Residents and visitors alike are encouraged to partake in these cultural festivities, contributing to their growth and continuity. Dive into Lone Tree’s cultural mosaic and be part of its living legacy.

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