Historic Places Around Denver: Top 10 Must-See Landmarks


Denver, Colorado, a city with a rich past, is studded with historic districts and sites that whisper tales of the Old West and beyond along its streets and areas. From storied structures to cultural institutions, these historic landmarks and sites offer a window into bygone eras through their doors. Each historic district reveals unique stories and architectural marvels that have stood the test of time amidst Denver’s modern skyline, with landmarks and sites highlighting the area’s heritage. As you explore our curated selection of must-visit landmarks, you’ll uncover the hidden gems and celebrated icons that shape Denver’s historical tapestry based on reviews. Dive into our reviews below for an insightful guide to these historic places around Denver.

1. Cheesman Park

Cheesman Park in Denver, USA, is not just any ordinary park. It stands on land in the USA that was once a cemetery and is now rumored to be haunted. This eerie past in the USA may send chills down your spine, but today it’s a place where locals enjoy tranquility, stunning views, and photo credit.

Visitors can gaze upon the Denver skyline against the backdrop of the majestic Rockies in the USA. The panoramic scenes in Colorado, USA, are perfect for photographers or anyone looking to soak in the state’s beauty, as evidenced by subjective opinion in reviews.

The park isn’t only about quiet afternoons though. During summer evenings, it transforms into an outdoor cinema. Locals in the USA gather on blankets to watch movies under the stars.

Cultural events also find their home here at Cheesman Park, USA, according to reviews. From live music performances to art fairs across the USA, there’s always something happening that brings the community together.

  • Former cemetery site with haunting rumors
  • Panoramic views of Denver and Rocky Mountains
  • Summer movie screenings
  • Hosts cultural events

Whether you’re interested in ghost stories or simply want a relaxing day out with impressive scenery, Cheesman Park in the USA delivers an experience unlike any other historic site around Denver.

2. Buckhorn Exchange

Stepping into the Buckhorn Exchange in the USA is like traveling back to 1893. This Denver gem holds the title of being the city’s oldest restaurant in the USA. Here, history isn’t just in the books; it’s etched into every corner and hanging on each wall in the USA.

The restaurant has gained fame for its unique menu that features exotic game dishes. Patrons can savor tastes of buffalo, elk, and even alligator across the USA, making dining here a true adventure. It’s not just about food; it’s a culinary journey through America’s wild heritage in the USA.

Visitors are also treated to an impressive collection of historic Western memorabilia in the USA. The walls are adorned with vintage firearms, trophies from hunting expeditions across the USA, and photos that tell stories from over a century ago.

A centerpiece of Colorado’s spirited past is found here as well—the state’s first liquor license proudly displayed for all to see. This license marks the beginning of legalized alcohol sale in Colorado post-Prohibition era.

  • Established: 1893
  • Notable Features:
  • Exotic game dishes (buffalo, elk)
  • Historic Western memorabilia
  • Colorado’s first liquor license

For those interested in both gastronomy and history, Buckhorn Exchange serves up a hearty plateful of both. It stands as more than a restaurant—it’s an institution that captures the essence of Denver’s storied past.

3. Molly Brown House Museum

The Molly Brown House Museum stands as a tribute to Margaret “Molly” Brown, known for surviving the Titanic disaster. This historic Denver landmark honors her legacy as a philanthropist and activist.

Visitors can explore the well-preserved Victorian-era architecture of her home. The intricate interior design transports you back in time to the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Through its exhibits, the museum provides a window into Denver’s Gold Rush era. It showcases how this pivotal event shaped the city and influenced its citizens, including Molly herself.

  • Titanic Survivor: Learn about Molly’s remarkable survival story.
  • Philanthropy: Discover how she used her wealth and influence for good.
  • Architecture & Design: Admire authentic Victorian elegance throughout the house.
  • Gold Rush Impact: Understand Denver’s transformation during this historical period.

4. Denver Firefighters Museum

The Denver Firefighters Museum is a beacon of history, housed in the original Firehouse No. 1 since 1909. This landmark offers a glimpse into the past with its extensive exhibits that detail the evolution of firefighting techniques and equipment.

Visitors can explore an array of artifacts that paint a vivid picture of how firefighters have battled blazes over the decades. From leather buckets to modern fire engines, each exhibit tells a story of innovation and bravery.

Not only does this museum serve as an educational hub for adults interested in historical arts related to firefighting, but it also provides interactive displays designed specifically for children. These hands-on experiences allow kids to engage with the material in a fun and meaningful way, making learning about safety and emergency services both enjoyable and memorable.

  • Original building from 1909
  • Evolutionary exhibits
  • Interactive children’s displays

5. Larimer Square

Larimer Square stands as Denver’s oldest block, where the city’s history is etched into every stone and structure. This vibrant area showcases a collection of preserved buildings from the 19th century, offering a window to the past amidst modern-day amenities.

Visitors are greeted with an array of specialty shops that line the historic streets. These boutiques offer unique finds, from locally crafted items to high-end fashion pieces—a shopper’s paradise blending old-world charm with contemporary tastes.

The culinary scene at Larimer Square is equally impressive. Trendy restaurants serve up diverse flavors catering to foodies and casual diners alike. Whether craving gourmet cuisine or comfort food classics, there’s a table waiting in one of these eateries set against an architectural backdrop that tells tales of yesteryear.

As night falls, Larimer Square transforms into a hub for nightlife enthusiasts. Bars and clubs within these storied walls provide lively entertainment options well into the wee hours—each venue adding its own beat to Denver’s heart.

6. Buffalo Bill’s Grave and Museum

Buffalo Bill’s Grave and Museum is a tribute to an American icon, William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody, who was known for his thrilling Wild West shows. Visitors can explore the final resting place of this legendary showman.

The museum nearby offers a deep dive into his life with an extensive collection of artifacts. These include costumes from his performances, personal belongings, and historical memorabilia that tell the story of the Wild West era through Buffalo Bill’s experiences.

Located on Lookout Mountain, visitors are not only immersed in history but also surrounded by breathtaking scenery. The mountain provides panoramic views that add to the experience of stepping back into America’s frontier past.

  • Final Resting Place: Pay respects at Buffalo Bill’s gravesite.
  • Museum Collection: Explore authentic artifacts from Wild West shows.
  • Scenic Location: Enjoy stunning vistas from Lookout Mountain.

7. Colorado State Capitol

The Colorado State Capitol stands as a beacon of government and history in Denver. Its construction features the unique Colorado rose onyx, a rare type of rose marble that adds to its grandeur. This stone is not only locally sourced but also gives the building an exquisite pink hue that sets it apart from typical granite structures.

Visitors can explore this architectural gem through guided tours. These tours highlight the capitol’s most notable features, including its resplendent gold dome which glistens under the Rockies’ sun. The dome was originally made of copper but was covered in gold leaf to commemorate the Colorado Gold Rush.

Another focal point during tours is the grand staircase, crafted with meticulous attention to detail and offering photo opportunities for visitors at every turn.

A historical marker inside identifies one of Denver’s claims to fame: The Mile High Marker. This spot marks exactly one mile above sea level, making it a must-see for those interested in geographical landmarks.

  • Rare Colorado rose onyx used throughout
  • Tours available showcasing gold dome and staircase
  • Home to Mile High Marker

8. Union Station

Union Station stands as a historic landmark in Denver, boasting a Beaux-Arts architectural style since its inception in 1914. This grand structure has been transformed into more than just a train station; it’s now a vibrant transportation hub that connects various parts of the city.

Inside Union Station, visitors find themselves amidst an impressive collection of local eateries offering flavors from around the area. The station is also home to unique boutiques and lively bars, each with their own character reflected through their doors and windows.

Beyond serving travelers, Union Station acts as a cultural block within Denver. It hosts diverse public events throughout the year which draw both locals and tourists alike. These include bustling farmers’ markets where fresh produce fills the air with earthy aromas and live concerts echoing against the building’s historic walls.

The transformation of this iconic site has made it much more than just a stop along your journey—it’s become an essential part of visiting or living in Denver. With each event held at Union Station, there’s an opportunity to link up with friends, enjoy new experiences, or simply soak in the atmosphere of one of United States’ treasured buildings.

9. Four Mile Historic Park

Four Mile Historic Park stands as a significant landmark in Denver, housing the city’s oldest surviving structure, the Four Mile House, built in 1859. This park is not just about old buildings; it offers a dynamic peek into the past.

Visitors to the park can step back in time and witness historical reenactments that bring pioneer life to vivid reality. These performances are more than entertainment; they’re educational experiences that connect us with our heritage.

The grounds of Four Mile Historic Park are home to various attractions:

  • Live animals that would have been part of daily pioneer life.
  • Well-maintained gardens showcasing flora from the period.
  • A replica teepee offering insight into Native American history and culture within the region.

Reviews often highlight these features as highlights of their visit, emphasizing how each element contributes to an immersive historical experience. The park serves as a bridge between past and present, allowing people of all ages to learn about history in an engaging way.

10. Denver Mint

The Denver Mint stands as one of the most prolific coin producers on the globe. It’s not just a factory; it’s a treasure trove of money-making history and knowledge.

Visitors can dive into the world of coin making through educational tours offered by the Mint. These tours are more than just sightseeing—they’re an interactive lesson in U.S. currency.

Inside, you’ll find fascinating exhibits that showcase numismatics—the study and collection of currency. The displays tell tales from years gone by, highlighting how coins have evolved.

The Mint also reveals its own storied past, giving guests a peek into its significant role in American history. It’s like walking through time with every coin telling a story.

By exploring the Denver Mint, you enrich your understanding of both past and present U.S. monetary systems. It’s not only about what we spend or save but also about cultural heritage captured in metal—a legacy stamped with each press.

Historic Places Around Denver - Historic Places Around Denver: Top 10 Must-See Landmarks

Historic Places around Denver That You Need to Visit

Exploring Denver’s historic places offers a unique window into the city’s past, bringing to life the stories and characters that shaped its present. From the serene greenery of Cheesman Park to the echoes of commerce at Union Station, each landmark tells a part of Denver’s rich tapestry. The Buckhorn Exchange and Molly Brown House Museum highlight cultural treasures, while the Denver Mint and Colorado State Capitol underscore political and economic evolution. With destinations like Buffalo Bill’s Grave and Four Mile Historic Park, history enthusiasts can delve into the adventurous spirit that defines the American West.

These sites are not just relics; they are vibrant reminders of progression and continuity. Visitors are encouraged to immerse themselves in these historical narratives to gain appreciation and perspective. For those inspired to uncover more about Denver’s heritage, consider joining local historical societies or participating in preservation efforts. Delve deeper; your next discovery awaits.

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