High Line Canal Trail


The Highline Canal Trail, a lovely long path next to the Highline Canal, a man-made waterway originally built for irrigation, is a popular and adored recreational destination for Coloradans. The trail has become much more popular among hikers, cyclists, equestrians, and wildlife watchers who want to see nature inside the metropolis since the canal continues to function. The location is accessible via a number of roadways, making it easy to get there. There are several trailheads and parking areas, as well as numerous parks with recreational amenities to make your trek even more pleasurable. For those who wish to discover the region, there are several connecting trails along the route.

The first section of the trail is 16 miles long, starting at Diversion Dam near Waterton Canyon and ending at County Line Road (the line between Douglas and Arapahoe counties). At 1.6 miles, you’ll see Historic Kassler Center, Chatfield State Park at 6.8 miles, Fly’n B Park at 14.8 miles, and a junction to Centennial Bike Trail just yards past the park. This section’s path can have some sand spots, but it’s definitely worth it to get the opportunity to observe all the wildlife in this area!

The second part runs from County Line Road to Hampdu Avenue and is 18.5 miles long. Writers Vista Park, at 17.9 miles, a junction to Lee Gulch Trail at the 20th-mile marker, Milliken Park (23.1 miles), deKoevend Park (24.1 miles), and Big and Little Dry Creek Trail junctions (24.6 and 29 kilometers) are some of the notable areas on this section of the route. Greenwood Gulch Trail junction at 31.5 miles, Blackmer Common at 33 kilometers, Quincy Farm at 33.8 miles, and Three Pond Park at 35 miles.

The third section begins at Kenmore Avenue in the city of Pleasant Hill and stretches to Havana Street in the city of Hampden. It goes through Bible Park at 41.8 miles, Cherry Creek Trail junction at 44.5 miles, and Fairmount Cemetery at 47.5 miles before terminating on Havana Road near Green Valley Ranch for a total length of 21 miles. The fourth part is the longest, extending 21 kilometers from Havana Road to Green Valley Ranch. The first 13 kilometers are paved; however, there is an unmaintained dirt road toward the end that is not maintained by any authority.

You will pass the Westerly Creek Trail junction and Expo Park at 50 miles, Delaney Farms at 54.3 miles, West Tollgate Creek Trails junction at 54.6 miles, Star K Ranch Open Space at 59 milds, Triple Creek Connection at 60.7 miles, and finally the Dry Dock Brewery situated on North Dock which is 62.4 miles away from where you started this trip.

The High Line Canal Trail is a great walk for locals and visitors alike who are getting used to Denver’s high altitude or want to prepare for more challenging hikes in the mountains at higher elevations.

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