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When you plan your trip to Elitch Gardens Denver CO, it’s a good idea to come early. The amusement park opens at 7 a.m. and gets more crowded as the day goes on, especially during the summer season. You’ll want to spend some time on the water rides because most people will want to go there first. If you don’t want to wait in line, consider purchasing a Rapid Ride Pass, which allows you to skip the long queues at attractions. It’s at 2000 Elitch Street in Denver, CO 80204.

After nearly a century at its original site, Elitch Gardens was compelled to relocate. In any case, it was swiftly outgrowing its initial position and had space problems. So in June 1994, the firm bought a 67-acre tract of land near downtown Denver and spent more than $90 million building the park there. This was aided in part by public money as well as various loans and grants. While the shift to the new site generated some criticism, it has since proven to be a success, and the park is still popular.

“It’s not a theme park, it’s a neighborhood.” The phrase is as old as the park itself, and its story dates back almost as far. This catchphrase has greeted Denver citizens and visitors alike for more than a century. In fact, the park’s slogan, “Welcome to Elitch!” has been scrawled on ride frames and flower beds.

The amusement park has been in operation since 1891 and is one of the state’s biggest. No matter when you go, there will be 50 rides, a water park, and live shows to keep you occupied. Whether you’re planning a fun afternoon with the kids or a thrilling adventure, Elitch Gardens in Denver is sure to satisfy you. There’s also an Elitch Theatre where you can see a play. You’ll find some of the world’s most famous films there, such as P.T. Barnum, Grace Kelly, Lana Turner, and Cecil B. DeMille.

The Park’s attractions are continuously growing and will surely thrill even the youngest visitor. The Mind Eraser suspended roller coaster, Tower of Doom’s huge vertical drop, and Shipwreck Falls, which is a family water ride. The Trocadero Theatre, a 1,050-seat theater named after the famous ballroom, has been built on Denver’s West Side. The venue is popular for weddings and family gatherings since it can seat more than 700 people. The Island Kingdom, a water adventure park that opened in late 2015, is also located near the hotel.

Six Flags Elitch Gardens was previously operated by Six Flags, but after the company’s purchase, CNL retained PARC to run the park. It has since dropped the Six Flags brand. Herschend Family Entertainment, which was formerly known as Elitch Gardens in Denver, has a similar history and background to Six Flags. The park now contains three new rides and two additional KiddieLand attractions.

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