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If you’re looking for a great way to cool off, look no further than the Aurora Reservoir. Aurora Reservoir opens the swim area on Saturday, May 28th, and has so many activities for everyone to enjoy!

Visitors can purchase annual passes if they would like to enjoy the reservoir as much as possible. For Seniors and Residents, the annual pass is $75. If you would rather purchase a single pass, you can expect to pay $10 for a day pass during the week and $15 for a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday. You can also purchase a $15 watercraft access pass!

Aurora Reservoir will also have four free usage days on Martin Luther King Day (January 17), Earth Day (April 22), Observed Earth Day (April 23), Celebrate Colorado Days (May 6-8), and Veterans Day (November 11).

Shelter reservations are also available after January 2nd! For a small shelter during the week, the price is $75, but it increases to $150 for the weekends. Large shelters are not available on the weekends, but you can purchase one for $350 on the weekdays.

To get into the park, the gates are located along the southern property line of the reservoir. Weather permitting, the gates will be opened half an hour after the front gate is opened, and locked in the evening half an hour before the front gate is locked. You’ll want to be sure to exit the park before the gates lock; otherwise, you’ll be locked in! Walk-in gates are for pedestrians and bicyclists.

The best water creates the greatest fish! Aurora’s reservoirs have produced four state-record fish, including tiger muskie, a catfish, a smallmouth bass, and a white sucker. Colorado Parks and Wildlife stocks both Aurora and Quincy Reservoirs.

If you’re wanting to fish at the Aurora Reservoir, come prepared! Anyone 16 and older must have a fishing license. The reservoirs do not sell fishing licenses; please buy one ahead of time at a local sporting goods shop.

The Archery Range has also been refinished, and the new targets have all been added. These include the replacement of all 16 archery targets with new frames and target bales, as well as verified correct distance and overall maintenance of lanes.

 The Archery Range is accessible during park operating hours and is free to use with a valid pass. The range has 16 target bales ranging in distance from 15 to 65 yards, including 16 target bales of various distances. Bring your own targets and equipment if required. Bows and crossbows are acceptable. You must construct your own targets/backstops for crossbows. Crossbow bolts and broadhead arrows are not allowed on City-owned target bales.

There’s even a scuba-diving area! The Aurora Reservoir’s SCUBA Dive Area is open daily, April 1 to October 31, from dawn till dusk. Night diving is not permitted. A day pass or annual pass is required for park entry, with no additional charge for diving. You will have to bring your own gear, though!

A diving area is located in the far northeast part of the lake. When you enter the park, look for the East Lot sign (with a SCUBA symbol) and turn left. That road will bring you to the east parking lot beneath the dam. Climb up to the top of the dam and head left to the east end. There is an ADA-accessible path into the water at the SCUBA area.

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