3 SEO Tips to Boost Online Visibility With Your Images


A picture is worth a thousand words, but it can be worth more in search engine optimization. The images of your site may not be the first thing on your mind when it comes to SEO, but they’re just as essential as your keywords, URL, and web design. Just like every other asset on your site, you must also optimize the photos you post!

A website full of nothing but blocks of texts won’t do good for your business, which is why adding images to accompany your content is vital. But are you sure you’ve been making the most of your visuals? 

Sure, the photos on your site make your content more engaging and improve the user experience, but you can do more with them. Through image optimization, you can move your business forward, closer to your goals, and the pinnacle of success.

Banking on Image Optimization

Image optimization is more than just ensuring the photos are in their highest possible quality before posting. Besides acting as a visual element, optimized images can be great for SEO, attracting massive traffic to your site and boosting your ranking on search engine results pages.

The copyright isn’t the only thing you should care about when it comes to your website’s images. To achieve SEO success, you have to go the extra mile and optimize your photos!

How to Optimize Your Images

Just like your texts, you must also invest in optimizing your images. With optimized images, you can allow your business to succeed with SEO and drive success. If you want to find out how to optimize your images to drive results, read on below.

Resize Your Photos

The size of your images affects the user experience more than you think! Your site will have considerably lower load times when your pictures have a higher resolution and larger dimensions. For your photos to work well on the web, it’s crucial to scale down the file size without losing too much quality.

Change the Image Name

When uploading a photo to your website, you must always customize its name before anything else. By changing the image name, the picture has a higher chance of showing up on search results when someone looks up a specific keyword relevant to the contents of the image, increasing its visibility.

Ensure Your Images Are Mobile-Friendly

Mobile-friendliness is all the rage today, and with good reason. With most online users using their smartphones to browse and surf the net, brands have to tweak their websites so that mobile users will have a positive user experience on smaller screens. 

When creating a mobile-friendly website, you can’t forget about your images! The photos on your site should be responsive to mobile devices, automatically scaling according to the size of a device.


When it comes to search engine optimization, you must remember to work on your images as well! By optimizing your photos, your website will have a greater chance of being noticed by your target audience and ultimately increasing your conversion rate. As long as you work with the right professionals, you’ll surely achieve SEO success!

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