10 of the Best Middle Schools in Denver, Colorado


Denver, Colorado boasts a diverse student body across its middle schools known for their robust academic programs, dedicated teachers, enriching extracurricular activities, and solid grades.

Parents, students, and teachers alike prioritize finding middle and high schools that foster growth during these pivotal years. Our carefully curated selection, based on reviews, highlights the top-rated middle schools across Denver’s west side, each with a dedicated student body and exceptional teachers, offering unique opportunities to shape young minds for future success.

Dive into our reviews below to discover which of the best middle schools in Denver, Colorado align with your educational goals and values.

1. Stargate Charter School

Stargate Charter School stands out for its unique curriculum designed specifically for gifted learners in middle schools and high schools, with an optimal teacher ratio. This west middle school recognizes that students with advanced abilities need special attention and a favorable teacher ratio to thrive.

At Stargate Middle School, the educational approach is tailored to meet the needs of each middle school student, with a focus on a favorable teacher ratio.

Personalized learning experiences, shaped by an optimal teacher ratio, are at the heart of Stargate’s middle schools philosophy. Each student in middle schools receives individual attention, ensuring that their particular strengths and interests guide their education, thanks to a favorable teacher ratio.

This customized approach helps middle school students excel at their own pace with an optimal teacher ratio.

Creativity and critical thinking are emphasized in every aspect of learning at Stargate Charter School, including middle schools, with a favorable teacher ratio. The curriculum in middle schools encourages students to think outside the box and develop innovative solutions to complex problems.

  • Tailored Curriculum: Specially designed programs in middle schools cater to the intellectual needs of gifted middle school students, with a favorable teacher ratio.
  • Personalized Learning in middle schools: Individual plans promote growth according to each student’s unique capabilities, with a focus on teacher ratio.
  • Emphasis on Creativity: Middle school students engage in activities that foster creative problem-solving skills, co-taught by teachers with a favorable teacher ratio.

2. Peak to Peak Charter School

Peak to Peak Charter School stands out for its challenging academic program, favorable teacher ratio, and comprehensive middle schools co-curriculum. This middle school doesn’t just teach; it pushes students to achieve their best with a favorable teacher ratio.

With a curriculum designed for high achievers, middle schoolers get an early taste of college-level work in schools with a low teacher ratio.

One unique feature is the offering of Advanced Placement (AP) courses at the middle school level. This is rare in middle schools and gives young learners a head start on earning college credits with a favorable teacher ratio. Middle school students are encouraged to aim high and think ahead towards their future in higher education with a favorable teacher ratio.

The focus here is on preparing for college from an early age by considering middle schools with a favorable teacher ratio. Every class, every assignment, is part of a larger goal: getting into a good university. The middle school teachers are committed to guiding students through this journey.

A low student-to-teacher ratio in middle schools means more personalized attention for each student. Teachers in middle schools have more time for one-on-one interactions, ensuring that no student falls behind.

Here’s what makes Peak to Peak Charter School special:

  • Rigorous academics challenge students.
  • AP courses available in middle school.
  • A clear path toward college preparation.
  • Focused teacher-student engagement due to favorable teacher ratios.

It’s definitely one of the best middle schools in Denver, Colorado.

3. D’Evelyn Junior/Senior High School

D’Evelyn Junior/Senior High School stands out for its classical liberal arts education approach, including middle schools. This Denver-based middle school emphasizes a well-rounded curriculum that fosters critical thinking and intellectual growth in CO.

Students at D’Evelyn consistently achieve high standardized test scores, reflecting the school’s commitment to academic excellence. The focus on scholastic achievement in middle schools is evident in yearly performance reports, where students regularly exceed state averages in CO.

A strong foundation in math and science is central to the educational philosophy at D’Evelyn middle schools. The school encourages middle school students from an early age to engage with these subjects deeply, preparing them not only for college but also for future careers in STEM fields.

Parents often note the positive impact of the rigorous academic environment in middle schools on their children’s development. Reviews frequently mention how graduates from middle schools feel well-prepared for their sophomore year and beyond in CO, thanks to the robust groundwork laid during their time at D’Evelyn.

The ranking of this institution often places it among the top middle schools in Colorado due to its consistent record of producing well-rounded individuals who excel academically.

4. Summit Middle Charter School

Summit Middle Charter School stands out for its innovative approach to education, incorporating co-educational strategies among schools. It emphasizes experiential learning in middle schools where students actively engage in projects that apply real-world scenarios.

This hands-on method helps middle school kids understand complex concepts and retain information better.

The co-ed school is also known for its International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Programme. The IB framework encourages middle school students to think critically, engage with a range of subjects, and understand their place in the global community.

With a strong focus on cultivating global citizenship, Summit Middle Charter School integrates community service into the curriculum for schools. Middle school students are encouraged to contribute positively to society and develop empathy through various service projects.

These features make Summit Middle Charter School unique and one of the best middle schools in Denver, Colorado:

  • Experiential Learning: Projects simulate real-life challenges.
  • IB Program: Prepares students for a globalized world.
  • Community Service: Encourages active participation in societal improvement.

5. Challenge School

The Challenge School stands out for its dedication to academically advanced students in middle schools in Colorado (CO). It’s designed for middle schools in CO who are ready to go beyond the typical curriculum. The middle school offers specialized programs that push students further, ensuring they’re not just coasting through their education.

Acceleration and enrichment opportunities abound here. Students in middle schools can dive deeper into subjects like math and science or explore new areas of interest at a pace suited to their capabilities. This approach helps keep middle school minds engaged and eager to learn more.

Leadership development is also a key focus at Challenge Middle School. Through various extracurricular activities in middle schools, students have the chance to hone their leadership skills. In middle schools, they learn how to work with others effectively, solve problems creatively, and take on responsibilities that prepare them for future roles in any field they choose.

Parents often notice the difference this middle school makes in their children’s lives—not just academically but personally too, in CO. Middle school teachers are committed to nurturing every student’s potential, creating an environment where exceptional learners thrive.

6. Denver School of the Arts

The Denver School of the Arts, a CO middle school, stands out for its arts-integrated academic curriculum, offering a unique blend of education that caters to creatively inclined students. This middle school in CO is not your typical educational establishment; it’s a place where artistry and academia intersect to foster the growth of young artists in schools.

Admission into this prestigious institution is audition-based, ensuring that each student from middle schools has an innate artistic talent waiting to be honed. The middle school seeks out individuals who show promise in their chosen art form—be it music, dance, theater, or visual arts—and provides them with an environment conducive to artistic excellence.

Students at Denver School of the Arts, including middle schools, receive preparation for both their creative endeavors and scholastic success in CO.

The curriculum in middle schools is designed not only to develop students’ artistic skills but also to equip them with strong academic foundations essential for future achievements in any field they choose.

While sports are not the focus here, Denver School of Arts, including middle schools, understands the importance of a well-rounded education and encourages students to engage in physical activities outside school programs if they wish.

7. STEM School Highlands Ranch

STEM School Highlands Ranch places a strong emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics for middle schools. Middle school students are immersed in a curriculum designed to foster expertise in these critical areas. The middle school’s approach is not just theoretical; it actively promotes innovation by incorporating hands-on projects and laboratory work into everyday learning.

The engagement with real-world applications doesn’t end there. STEM School Highlands Ranch has established partnerships with industry leaders to benefit middle schools. These connections mean middle school students have the opportunity to see how their classroom experiences translate into actual workplace scenarios.

  • Hands-on projects in middle schools allow students to apply what they’ve learned in tangible ways.
  • Middle school labs offer a space for experimentation and discovery, reinforcing scientific concepts.
  • Partnerships with industry leaders expose middle school students to career possibilities and practical knowledge.

These elements combine to create an educational environment in middle schools where young minds are encouraged to explore and invent—a place where the next generation of engineers, scientists, programmers, and mathematicians begin shaping their futures.

8. Campus Middle School

Campus Middle School stands out in Denver for its broad range of elective courses. Students can pick from a variety of subjects that cater to their interests and talents, making learning more engaging and personalized.

The school is dedicated to nurturing every middle school student’s potential. A strong counseling program provides support for academic and personal growth, ensuring students are well-prepared not just for high schools but for future challenges as well.

Technology plays a significant role at Campus Middle School. Classrooms integrate modern tools to enhance the learning experience, keeping students engaged with interactive lessons and up-to-date educational practices.

  • Elective Courses:
  • Wide selection
  • Tailored to student interests
  • Counseling Programs:
  • Focus on comprehensive development
  • Support academic and emotional needs
  • Technology Integration:
  • Modern tools in classrooms
  • Interactive learning environment

With these features, Campus Middle School fosters a dynamic student body that thrives academically while exploring various clubs and activities. The majority of students benefit from an education system that values diversity in both curriculum and teaching methods.

9. Littleton Academy

Littleton Academy stands out in Denver for blending character education with academic rigor. This middle school recognizes the importance of moral values and social skills alongside strong scholastic achievement.

The curriculum is built on the Core Knowledge sequence, ensuring a comprehensive and systematic progression of learning. Each grade level builds on knowledge gained previously, creating a cohesive educational journey from year to year.

Students benefit from small class sizes at Littleton Academy. The low student-to-teacher ratio means more personalized attention for each child, catering to their individual learning needs.

10. Louisville Middle School

Louisville Middle School stands out for its comprehensive approach to education, offering students a diverse array of clubs and sports. This variety ensures that every student can find an activity that resonates with their interests, fostering personal growth alongside academic achievement.

The school places high value on community involvement, encouraging students to engage in service learning. Through these projects, pupils not only contribute positively to their surroundings but also learn the importance of civic responsibility and teamwork.

Preparing students for the challenges of high school and beyond is a core mission at Louisville Middle School. The skills taught here are designed to ensure smooth transitions to higher levels of education while equipping learners with critical thinking abilities and self-reliance.

  • Clubs/Sports: Students have access to numerous extracurricular activities which aid in developing social skills and passions.
  • Community Service: Programs integrated into the curriculum promote empathy and real-world problem-solving.
  • High School Readiness: A focus on essential academic competencies prepares students effectively for future educational endeavors.
Best Middle Schools in Denver, Colorado

The Best Middle Schools in Denver, Colorado

Our exploration of the best middle schools in Denver, Colorado highlights institutions that excel in academics, arts, and STEM, ensuring a robust foundation for our children’s future. These schools stand out for their commitment to fostering intellectual growth and creativity, offering environments where young minds can thrive. We recognize the importance of choosing the right school—it shapes not only education but also character and aspirations.

Let’s take the next step together by visiting these schools, engaging with their communities, and finding the perfect fit for our families. Education is a journey we embark on as a collective; let’s ensure it starts on the strongest possible footing.

Reach out to these schools, schedule tours, and join us in nurturing the leaders of tomorrow.

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