10 of the Best High Schools in Denver: Your Ultimate Guide


Denver’s educational landscape boasts a diverse array of high schools, each offering unique programs designed to cater to students’ varied interests and academic needs. From STEM-focused academies to arts-integrated schools, the city provides an environment where every learner can find their niche and thrive.

Parents and students alike prioritize finding a high school that not only challenges academically but also supports personal growth and college readiness. With such importance placed on education, we’ve curated a list of top-performing high schools in the Denver area. Scroll down for reviews of our best high schools in Denver that stand out in fostering excellence.

1. Stargate Charter School

Stargate Charter School stands out as one of the best high schools in Denver for its commitment to gifted education. Each high school student receives an individualized learning plan tailored to their unique strengths and abilities. This personalized approach in high schools ensures that every learner can maximize their potential.

The school places a strong emphasis on college preparation, offering advanced courses designed to challenge students and prepare them for higher education. These rigorous academic programs in high schools are a cornerstone of the curriculum, setting students up for success in university and beyond.

Beyond academics, Stargate Charter School boasts robust extracurricular programs. High school students have access to a wide array of activities that foster creativity and innovation.

  • Arts in high schools: From visual arts to performing arts, there’s an outlet for every creative passion.
  • Cutting-edge tech clubs and coding classes in high schools prepare students for the digital world.

These extracurriculars in high schools complement the academic experience by providing well-rounded development opportunities. They help cultivate skills such as teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving—attributes highly valued in today’s workforce.

2. Cherry Creek High School

Cherry Creek High School, one of the schools known for its large and diverse student body, stands out with students consistently demonstrating high academic performance. The high school’s commitment to excellence is reflected in its impressive test scores and graduation rates.

With a robust athletic program, Cherry Creek High School has earned multiple state championships across various sports. This tradition of athletic success in high schools fosters school spirit and promotes a healthy competitive environment.

The availability of Advanced Placement (AP) classes is extensive at Cherry Creek High School. Students have the opportunity to challenge themselves academically by enrolling in these college-level courses across many subjects in high schools.

Enrichment opportunities abound in high schools, providing students with the chance to explore interests beyond the standard curriculum. From arts to technology, these high school programs cater to a wide array of passions and skills.

3. Peak to Peak Charter School

Peak to Peak Charter School stands out for its exceptional academic performance, consistently securing a top spot among Colorado’s high schools. Known for its rigorous K-12 curriculum, the high school ensures students are well-prepared as they advance through grades.

Students at Peak to Peak schools experience a seamless transition from kindergarten to senior year high school. This continuity fosters a deep understanding of academic subjects in high schools and creates a stable learning environment.

Beyond academics, character development is given significant emphasis. The high school believes in nurturing well-rounded individuals who excel not only in their studies but also possess strong personal values.

Key Highlights:

  • Top Academics: Recognized across Colorado for outstanding scholastic results.
  • K-12 Curriculum: A comprehensive program that supports smooth progression between levels, including high schools.
  • Character Building in High Schools: Equal focus on cultivating moral integrity alongside intellectual growth.

With an approach that balances scholarly pursuits with ethical education, graduates of Peak to Peak are equipped with both the knowledge and virtues necessary for success beyond high school.

4. Fairview High School

Fairview High School stands out among Denver schools with its robust International Baccalaureate (IB) program. This challenging curriculum in schools is renowned worldwide, preparing students for global higher education and careers. It’s an ideal choice for high schools aiming to excel academically and internationally.

The high school doesn’t stop at academics; it offers a wide array of clubs and activities. These extracurricular options in high schools are crucial for student development, providing opportunities to explore interests, develop skills, and build leadership qualities.

Another highlight is Fairview’s partnership with local universities and schools allowing students to participate in dual enrollment programs. This means that while still in high schools, students can take college-level courses earning credits that count towards both their high school diploma and a future college degree.

  • International Baccalaureate Program: Offers high schools a globally recognized rigorous academic experience.
  • Clubs & Activities in high schools: A diverse range ensures every student finds an area of interest.
  • University Partnerships: Provides pathways to early college credit for high schools through dual enrollment options.

5. D’Evelyn Junior/Senior High School

D’Evelyn Junior/Senior High School stands out as one of the best high schools in Denver for its rigorous liberal arts curriculum based on a classical education model. This approach emphasizes broad knowledge in literature, science, mathematics, and the humanities in high schools. It prepares high school students not just for college but also for lifelong learning.

Students at D’Evelyn consistently achieve high standardized test scores reflecting the school’s commitment to academic excellence. Their performance is a testament to the effective teaching methods and challenging coursework provided by the high schools.

The school boasts a remarkable college matriculation rate, indicating that a significant majority of graduates go on to pursue higher education. This success rate underscores D’Evelyn High School’s role in fostering an environment where academic achievement is both expected and supported.

Beyond academics, D’Evelyn High School offers award-winning music and performing arts programs that contribute to a well-rounded educational experience. These school programs receive accolades for their quality and are often highlighted as one of the community’s cultural assets.

Here are some key features of D’Evelyn:

  • A focus on classical education in high schools with comprehensive coverage across various disciplines.
  • Impressive test scores showcasing student proficiency.
  • High schools with a strong track record of preparing students for college-level work.
  • Recognition in music and performing arts in high schools enriches student life and promotes creative expression within the community.

6. Rock Canyon High School

Rock Canyon High School stands out among schools for its exceptional STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) programs. These innovative offerings provide high school students with cutting-edge resources and experiences that are key to succeeding in today’s technology-driven world.

Students at Rock Canyon High School have access to a wide array of honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses. This comprehensive curriculum allows them to tackle college-level work in their schools while still in high school, giving them a significant advantage when it comes time for college admissions.

Beyond academics, Rock Canyon High School encourages active participation in community service and leadership roles. Initiatives led by high school students not only benefit the local community but also help develop essential life skills such as teamwork, responsibility, and communication.

  • Innovative STEM programs equip students with modern technological skills.
  • A broad selection of honors and AP courses prepares students for higher education challenges.
  • Community service projects in high schools foster a sense of civic duty and leadership qualities among pupils.

7. Boulder High School

Boulder High School stands as a beacon of history and progress in Colorado’s educational landscape, exemplifying the evolution of schools. Established over a century ago, it is one of the state’s oldest high schools, carrying with it a legacy of academic excellence and historical significance.

At Boulder High, education transcends traditional learning. The high school is renowned for its forward-thinking programs that emphasize sustainability. These initiatives in high schools not only prepare students to be environmentally conscious but also equip them with the knowledge to tackle real-world issues related to conservation and sustainable living.

The inclusive culture at Boulder High is palpable. It fosters an environment where every high school student feels valued, regardless of their background or interests. This inclusivity in high schools has given rise to a vibrant community within the school that supports various student-led groups and activities.

  • Arts programs that nurture creative talents
  • Sports teams promoting teamwork and physical health
  • Academic clubs encouraging scholarly pursuits

8. East High School

East High School stands out in Denver for its strong academic, athletic, and artistic programs. The high school has built a reputation over the years for fostering an environment where students excel across various disciplines.

Notably, East High’s alumni roster is impressive. It features public figures and professionals who have made significant contributions to society. These former students serve as inspiration to current attendees, highlighting the potential paths of success available post-graduation.

At the heart of East High’s ethos is a commitment to social justice and community service. High school students are encouraged to engage with local issues and contribute positively to their communities. This emphasis on activism in high schools helps develop well-rounded individuals prepared for real-world challenges.

By focusing on these core areas:

  • Academics
  • Athletics
  • Arts
  • Social Justice

East High School equips its students with both traditional educational excellence and a conscientious understanding of their societal responsibilities.

9. Denver School of the Arts

The Denver School of the Arts, a high school, stands out with its specialized arts curriculum. It covers a broad range of disciplines in high schools, from visual arts to theater and music. This focus provides high school students with an immersive educational experience in their chosen art form.

Admission to this prestigious school in Denver is audition-based. Students must showcase their talent and dedication to be accepted into high schools. This ensures that all attendees are passionate about their craft, creating a dynamic and inspiring learning environment.

Real-world experience is a cornerstone of education at the Denver School of the Arts, a high school. The school maintains partnerships with local art organizations, enabling students to work on actual projects and performances outside classroom walls.

These opportunities not only enhance learning but also pave the way for future career paths in the arts sector:

  • Students get hands-on training.
  • They build professional networks early on.
  • Their portfolios are enriched by real-world projects before graduation.

10. DSST: Montview High School

DSST: Montview High School stands out in the Denver area for its strong emphasis on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education. As a charter school with a clear college preparatory mission, it offers students an environment where academic rigor is balanced with support.

The student body at DSST: Montview is notably diverse. This diversity contributes to an inclusive educational experience that benefits all students. The school’s approach fosters a community where differences are not just accepted but celebrated.

One of the most compelling aspects of DSST: Montview is its impressive track record when it comes to graduation rates and college acceptances:

  • Graduation Rates: Consistently high over the years, indicating successful student retention and engagement.
  • College Acceptances: A significant percentage of graduates go on to attend college, which speaks volumes about the effectiveness of their preparation during high school.

These achievements highlight DSST: Montview’s commitment to preparing students not only for higher education but also for future career success within competitive fields.

Thoughts on the Best High Schools in Denver

Selecting the right high school is a pivotal decision for students and parents alike, impacting academic growth and future opportunities. This list of top Denver high schools offers a glimpse into institutions that excel in providing quality education. Each school presents unique strengths, from Stargate Charter’s focus on gifted learners to DSST: Montview’s emphasis on science and technology. The diversity in educational approaches ensures that there is a fitting environment for every learner’s needs and aspirations.

As you consider these educational powerhouses in Denver, reflect on the alignment between their offerings and your educational goals. Take action by visiting campuses, speaking with counselors, and engaging with current students to make an informed choice. Your commitment to education shapes not only personal success but also contributes to the broader community’s intellectual vitality.

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